Brand Name-foreverlily
Power Source-electric
Item Name-7 Colors PDT Face Mask
Item Type-Anti Aging Acne Wrinkle Remover
Light Colors-Red Blue Green Purple Light LED Mask
Function-Skin Rejuvenation


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Product description

For both man and women , Rejuvenate your skin from home with our LED therapy light device PDT photon therapy machine , do the facial and neck beauty care spa at home . it is also a good choice for beauty salon.

✅ Phototherapy technology

Uses photodynamic technology, internationally known as “magic light”, is a photon-based beauty method. The greatest advantage is that it has remarkable curative effect, safety,and is favored by mainstream beauty agencies and beauty lovers.

PDT technology activates collagen and leaves your skin looking youthful, toned, smooth, blemish-free, and rejuvenated.

✅ Safe Mini home use spa

A Professional beauty device , the effect is as well as the beauty salon, but have been modified to be a more portable , mini , safe , Cost-effective,and easily used type for everybody to use at home , simply button, easily use.

✅ 7 colors LIGHT THERAPY

The PDT device features 7 different colors , each with a different wavelength , to target every skin problem.

✅ 96pcs High quality lamp beads

Our 96pcs upgraded high quality lamp beads ,each lamp beads effects more than 10 times than ordinary cheap lamp beads, give your skin the best benefit.

✅30 ℃~60℃ (86-140℉) Heating

Will be more comfortable with heating ,relax, promotes absorption , promotes blood circulation, enjoy the spa freely.

✅ Target every stubborn skin problem

The foreverlily photo therapy beauty device offers 7 color modes , each with a different benefit , for your most glowing skin. Lay down , relax, lighten, and let the phototherapy technology do the work.

✅ Face & Neck care

This product can use for both face and neck, every part of your skin will be beautiful.

✅ Eye glasses protect

This product will come to you together with a high quality glasses , which made of high quality plastic material ,preventing the strong light from damage your eyes. Perfectly protect your eyes.

✅ Has Passed Safety Certification

This product has CE, Rohs, FCC certification,to ensure safety, efficiency and care for every inch of your skin.



7 highly effective color modes

1. Blue: prevents bacteria growth and inflammation

2. Cyan: promotes cell metabolism and encourages skin to retain moisture

3. White: reduces pigmentation in freckles and age spots and smooths skin

4. Purple: reduces acne scars

5. Red: lightens skin and reduces wrinkles

6. Green: reduces swelling and oil production

7. Yellow: energizes and rejuvenates skin by improving cell oxygen exchange

6 amazing benefits for your face and neck

Unlock your beauty through LED light therapy. Use this mask regularly for skin that is:

1. Rejuvenated

2. Blemish-free

3. Lightened

4. More youthful

5. Tighter and more toned

6. Smoother, with reduced acne and scarring


30 ℃~60℃ (86-140℉) Heating

You can control the tempreture free from 30 ℃(86℉) to (60℃) , With warmly spa care , you can feel truly relax. This feature ensures that promotes deeper absorption of your skin care product , and promote the blood circulation of your face, so you can feel more youthful.

High quality lamp beads

For the Light photon therapy machine , the most important issue that impact the benefits is the quality of the lamp beads.
Our 96pcs upgraded high quality lamp beads ,each lamp beads effects 10 times than ordinary cheap lamp beads
help the energy of the light and the skincare product penetrate deeply of your skin, your skin will glow like never before



Foldable, Save Space,Easily Assembly

Foldable design , You can place it anywhere, not limited by space, and easily seembly just open it and it can be use normally.



Has Passed Safety Certification

This product has CE, Rohs, FCC certification,to ensure safety, efficiency and care for every inch of your skin.


Use with other skincare products to maximize the PDTs effects

To maximize your results, use with your other skincare products such as essential oils, liquid masks, creams, or this beauty gel. The LED mask helps these products to be absorbed into the skin and take full effect.

How to use

Step1: Clean your face and wait until it dries. Apply some skincare product like Essence or apply a facial mask, This makes it easier for light to penetrate your skin

step2:Connect the plug,press the switch

Step3:Choose the color and time you want

Step4:Press the switch again

Step5:Choose the temperature you want

Step6:Wear protecting glasses, Start to work

Note:Use 20 minutes a day, once every 3 days

Tips: If you only use the heating function, you only need to press the button twice, and then select the temperature you want to use


meaning of the button

only need to personalize your spa mode, choose time/temperature/color , then start your spa journey.

1.Time Adjust

2.Time Display

3.Temperature Adjust

4.Temperature Display

5.Red/Yellow Light(3 Levels)

6.Green/Cyan Light(3 Levels)

7.Blue/Purple(3 Levels)

8.6 Colors Cycle

9.Power Switch/Temperature Switch

10.power jack

(First press:power on/Second press:temperature on/Third press:power off)

Personalize your order

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Product specifications

Item Type:LED Photon Machine




Power: 5.76-63.2W

Current: 3A

Number of lamp beads: 96

Temperature range: 30°C~60°C

Control time: 1~30 minutes




Box contents

1*Main Machine


1*Protection Goggles

1*User Manual


Common Problem

1. Whether the product can be used continuously

Due to LED lighting, heating plate function, etc., even if there is heat dissipation setting. However, after a single use, it is recommended to turn it off and use it after half an hour

2. Cannot turn on the machine

Please check whether the power of the product is successfully connected, whether the power switch is turned on, and whether the socket matches. If it is not caused by the above reasons, please contact the after-sales customer service in time to solve

3. Whether the heating temperature is accurate

30-60℃ is the energy transferred from the heater to the heating cotton. The energy is emitted, and there will be energy loss in the final conduction to the face.

4. How long will you see the improvement effect?

Since the product is a personal care product for home use, the principle is to absorb light to improve the skin. Combined with facial mask, essence, etc., to improve the absorption of skin care products, can improve skin more quickly. Many users will see improved skin quality in about a month.


Additional usage notes

1. For better results, we suggest you use a professional skin care product at the same time as the mask. The LED light will promote the absorption and efficacy of the product.

2. You will not see results immediately; your skin needs some time to repair, so please use the mask regularly and be patient.

3. To ensure safety, choose a low intensity on your first use and work your way up over time. Do not use more than 5 times a week or over 30 minutes a day.

4. Do not look directly into the LED light; please wear our protect glasses when using this machine, otherwise, you may damage your eyes.

5. Do not use this mask if you are pregnant, under 16, have thyroid disease, have epilepsy or other light sensitivity health problems, or take medications that can cause light sensitivity.



Before using the instrument, the body and LED module must be checked before use.

The equipment needs to avoid high temperature, high humidity and direct light, so it is best to place it in a well-ventilated room.

Please install in a well-ventilated room that avoids direct light.

Please install on a flat surface.

Under weak impact, the instrument will also cause serious damage, so please do not lift it gently when you move it.

When using the product heating function, avoid touching the hot parts.



The time displayed means that when all functions are turned off. At the end of the time, all functions will be turned off. If only the single heating function is turned on, please pay attention to the use time.

Each person bears a different temperature. The heating function is turned on to achieve the specified temperature is a gradual heating process. Therefore, customers are advised to start at a lower temperature and try the temperature most suitable for them

Better effect if you use with the skin care product(Essence,lotion,mask…)


Safety notes

1. Recommend for no more than 30 minutes of use per day, suggest Use 20 minutes a day, once every 3 days

2. Do not look at the inside of the mask when it is on.

3. Make sure your hands are dry before using.


Shipping FAQs

Q1: When will you ship out my order?

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