Power Source-Dry Battery
Feature 1-Air Compressor
Feature 2-Paint Spray Gun
Feature 3-Skin Rejuvenation
Feature 4-Portable Airbrush
Feature 5-Airbrush for nail art
Feature 6-Mini spray gun


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1.Oxygen and active substances are sent to the 0.03mm nozzle to produce fine atomization and accurate spray which can easily penetrate into the skin bottom for more effective absorption of nutrients, helping avoid your skin care products waste and save your spraying time. 2.Large capacity 50ml cup can hold more liquid to free you from the hassle of fluid refills, and the transparent cup body allows you to directly check the liquid remains and make you fully prepared for the next use. 3.Built-in rechargeable 1000mAh battery can be powered by USB charging for continuous enjoyment, and the constant voltage circuit board can guarantee the stable performance of uniform atomization.

Package Included:

1* Nozzle Airbrush Kit(As Picture Shown) 1* USB Cable 1* User Manual


1.It is necessary to read the user manual before use for proper operation. 2.Please use water-based products, and high-consistency viscous products must be diluted with mineral water. 3. Inject warm water and alcohol to clean the inner wall before use. 4. Highly suggest to charge the device fully before use. 5. Cannot be used while charging. Unplug it before using it again.


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