Standard Voltage-110V
Standard Voltage-240V
Standard Voltage-100V
Standard Voltage-220V
Power Source-electric


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Item Name:Diamond Dermabrasion Microdermabrasion Machine/Skin lifting machine
EU plug: 220V/50/HZ (EU Standard)
US plug: 115V/60/HZ (US  Standard)
Power: 2A 
Package Size : 25.50*12.00*18.50
Application: Cosmetic Salon
3 x Diamond Wands:
Small Size : Mainly for the eye around and sensitive parts.
Middle Size : Mainly for facial part.
Large Size : Mainly for body ,hand or foot ,other large areas. 
Function: Exfoliate, resurrect, wash blackheads, hydrate.
2 x Spray Bottles:
It is equipped with 2 hydrating spray bottles, which can be filled with essence diluent, after facial operation to hydrating, and supplementing the skin with nutrients.
3 x Glass Tubes:
For facial massage and black head at nose removal. 
9 Diamond Tips:
Used for facial acne and scar repair
Used for canthus, nasal alar acne, scars
Used for body of large acne , scars for canthus, nose wing acne marks, scars
Used for scar skin, acne skin
Used for Eye fine lines, nose, small areas of acne
Used for scar repair of face large area 
Used for face large scars 
Used for body large scars 
Used for body large scars
Package Included:
1 x Diamond Dermabrasion Machine
1 x PVC vacuum hose 8*5
3 x Diamond Wands
9 x Diamond Tips
1 x Heads box & foam
3 x O-rings 
2 package x Cotton Filter
1 x Power cord
1 x Manual
2 x Spray Bottle
3 x Glass Tubes







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Russian Federation, United States, China, Belgium

Power Source

AU Plug 220V, UK Plug 220V, EU Plug 220V, US Plug 110V