Microneedle Length-0.25mm
Microneedle Length-&lt0.25mm
Microneedle Length-0.3mm
Power Source-None Electric


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Promote the Collagen Regeneration

Tiny micro needles skin therapy design can promote the collagen regeneration and make active ingredients better penetrate the skin for more effective absorption and skin improvement effect, painless and fast to recover, no scar left behind with silky smooth looks.

4 Different Replaceable Needle Roller Heads

6-in-1 derma roller system contains 4 different replaceable needle roller heads to suit for your face and whole body use, 1 silicone brush head to provide gentle and effective skin cleansing before dermaroller treatment and 1 disinfection basin to sterilize the roller head with alcohol instantly.

Personal Home Use

Integrated sealed package can effectively reduce infection risks for enhanced using safety and hygiene and the portable storage case holds all the derma roller together and helps prevent dust or dirt from entering the machine to stay sterile and clean, ideal for personal home use

Ultra-sharp Needle Tips

Ultra-sharp needle tips can penetrate the skin easily and ergonomic streamline handle with anti-skid design can deliver comfortable and secure grips, firm to hold and reduce accidentally slip of the hand.


Roller Heads Type: 1200 Pins(For Body Use), 720 Pins(For Face Use), 300 Pins(For Eyes Around Use), 12 Pins(For Topical Use)

How to Use:

1. Tighten or loosen the head by turning. 2. Soak the roller in Isopropyl Alchohol for 5-8 minutes. 3. Roll back and forth 4-5 times in each direction horizontally. 4. Apply necessary nutrition to the skin and pay attention to skin inflammation.

Package Included:

1* 12 Needles Derma Stamp 1* 300 Needles Roller Head 1* 720 Needles Roller Head 1* 1200 Needles Roller Head 1* Silicone Brush 1* Disinfection Basin 1* Storage Case


– Only for personal use, do not share with others. – Skin with wound should avoid using this roller. – Be careful if you are allergic to metal. – Irritating cosmetics is forbidden before the skin recovery. – Please store the item out of the reach of children.


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