Power Source-Rechargeable Battery
Feature 1-Red Light Activate Collagen Skin Rejuvenation
Feature 2-Blue Light Anti Bacteria Pimple Acne Removal
Feature 3-Facial Deep Cleaning
Feature 4-Face Lifting Tightening Whitening
Feature 5-Vibration Massage
Feature 6-Positive and Negative Ion Pore Deep Cleaning
Feature 7-Positive and Negative Ion Nutrition Import


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Package Included:

1* Facial Beauty Massager 1* USB Cable 1* Manual


1. High Frequency 2. Deep Nourishing 3. Deep Cleansing 4. Deep Moisturizing 5. Positive Ions 6. Negative Ions 7. Red Light 8. Blue Light

45°C Warming treatment Enjoy Home Spa

* Vitration: Make the skin become tight and increase elasticity * Tepidity: Tepidity massagge promotes absorption.

Positive and negetive ions

* Clean the dirt from deep pores through bioelectric curren * the cosmetic components will penetrate into the deep skin through ion introduction

LED Photon (Red Light & Blue Light)

* Red Light: Red Light Wave with high energy can effectively penetrate deep into the skin, activate collagen activity. * Blue Light:Help Cleaning Bacteria to Smooth down smallpox, and can restore the healthy.


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