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Whitening Clean Stains Tooth Powder Safe and white Remove tartar teeth Fresh breat

The teeth are not white enough, do you dare to laugh? Yellow teeth Ruined your carefully applied lipstick Tooth stains Affect your beauty Bad breath Afraid to speak with open mouth Rremoves stains caused by Rremoves stains caused by Wine/Tea/Cigarettes/Coffee

Mild whitening protects teeth more

Helps nourish gums and remove stains to maintain oral health


Reduce bad breath and relieve the discomfort of gum inflammation and swelling.

Pearl powder

Whitening teeth, physically rubbing the tooth surface, cleaning tooth stains.

Radix notoginseng

It can effectively treat gum bleeding caused by inflammation.

One bottle per week is the best life cycle

*Due to the difference in the degree of personal yellow teeth,the effect of long-term use is better.

Use small experiments

It is difficult to clean tea stains on tea eggs with ordinary toothpaste

After using Whitening Clean Stains Tooth Powder, after 2 minutes of scrubbing, tea stains are much lighter.

After drinking coffee, stains remain on teeth

After contact and use, show a confident smile

Tea stains, stains after meals, and effective cleaning immediately after use

Shiny and white, fresh breath

Use treatment effect 3 boxes for one period For stains inside the teeth. It sticks to the tooth wall and is difficult to remove. 5 boxes for two period For yellowing teeth, long-term stains remain, resulting in yellow, black, and difficult to turn white 7 boxes for three period In view of tooth corrosion and deformation, the gap between the teeth is getting larger and larger. The third course of treatment can effectively consolidate the teeth, which is strong and not easy to damage.


Product brand :Yoxier

Product name : Whitening Clean Stains Tooth Powder

Net content : 30g / box

Efficacy : Clean the mouth, reduce tooth stains,reduce plaque, and breath fresh.

Shelf life :36 months

Package Included:

1*Stained tooth powder


Step 1:Sprinkle tooth powder on the toothbrush or sprinkle directly on toothpaste.

Step 2:According to the normal brushing method,gently brush for 2~3 minutes.

Step 3:Gargle with water


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