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Quantity- 50pcs
Age Group- Adults
Size- 55g
Material- Plastic, Bamboo charcoal wire
Quantity- 50pcs in one box


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Research shows that the tongue accumulates more bacterial plaque than other parts of the oral cavity. Especially during sleep, the tongue is coated with a plaque film of and other odor causing compounds. The Mint Rose Tongue Cleaner is clinically proven to be the most effective way to remove the and reduce bad breath.

Directions for Use:

1. First clean the centre of tongue using the outer ridge. 

2. Extend the tongue as far as possible and with the tongue cleanser reach to the furthest point of the tongue. 

3. Sweep the tongue cleanser along the centre of the tongue towards the lip of the tongue. 

4. Rinse the tongue cleanser after each stroke with clean water and repeat several times for maximum effect. 

5. Clean the sides of tongue using the smooth flat side of the cleaner. Rinse and repeat for maximum effect. 

Be Cautious:

1. Use before brushing your teeth.

2. For hygienic reasons replace every 3 months.

3. During the first few days of use the tongue cleanser may in some cases provoke a feeling of nausea. This feeling will disappear with time and you will be able to reach the back of the tongue without difficulty. 

4. Keep out of reach of children.


keep oral health.

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1x Tongue Cleaner


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