Material-as show
Model Number-Pattern cleaning cream
Function-Tattoo accesories
Net weight-13g
Color-As Pictures Show
Application-Personal/Tattoo Artist
Package Included-1 Tattoo Removal Cream


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Permanent Tattoo Removal Cream removes unwanted tattoos in a 100% safe, pain-free and affordable way

Getting your tattoo lasered off is painful, expensive and may leave behind burnt scars. This removal cream save your moneyand painlessly fades away your tattoo or permanent cosmetics without any scars in Short time.

Made of active natural ingredients which permeates skin dermis to attack tattoo ink. You can now remove your tattoo anytime and anywhere with this powerful yet hypoallergenic cream. Safe and convenient 

1. Keep the application area clean and apply hot compress for five minutes, apply 1-3 times a day, squeeze a little (about the size of a mung bean) and apply evenly (do not apply too much or it will be difficult to absorb), no need to wash off and wait for the brows to absorb naturally. If possible, it can be covered with plastic wrap, and the absorption effect will be better. Apply the eyeliner area with a cotton swab

2. Tighten the lid after use and store in a dark place, do not put it in the sun.

3. Do not apply to ulcers, wounds, inflammations, and breastfeeding pregnant women with heart disease and other diseases.

[Reminder]: It is recommended that three boxes and one course of treatment have the best effect



Removes dry or wet marker pen & unwanted tattoo easily

Natural ingredients are safe, non-toxic and harmless to your skin

Portable & convenient

Quick absorption will not clog your skin pores

Moisturize you skin while fading away the tattoo


Net weight:13g

Color: As Pictures Show

Texture: Cream

Application: Personal/Tattoo Artist

Package Included:

1 x Tattoo Removal Cream




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