Brand Name-Sumifun
Type-Orthopedic Supplies
Model Number-Soft
Material-Silicone Gel


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Material: Gel Silicone
Color: Bule/Transparent

Package includes:2pcs = 1 pair


Size: Fit womens shoe size 6-10.5+, and mens size 6-11.5+.


Material: High-quality, stretchy, durable & reusable. Big Toe Straightener made of silicone and gel lining, soft and lightweight. Let you comfortable with all day wear with sock or shoes.


Feature :

Bunion. Hammertoe. Overlapping toes. These may form from wearing narrow uncomfortable shoes or from your walking manner. The big toes joint carries much of the weight and any deformations may cause constant unbearable pain.

What toe separators can help you with:

1.Ease pressure on the bunion
2.Straighten and realign toes
3.Prevent toes from overlapping
4.Prevent skin from irritation and inflammations
5.Halt progression of hallux valgus deformity
6.Comfortable walking in any pair of shoes




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Transparent, Blue