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Hyaluronic acid essence

✔Moisturize and hydrate ✔Tighten the skin ✔Invisible pores

Wake up young and moisturizing feeling

Mildly relieve skin, moisturizing nourish, build skin protective screen, lock water mildly,improve the elasticity, the formula is mild and stable

[Main components]:  Water , butanediol,soybean amino acid,palmitoyl hexapeptide-12trehalose,malt oligosaccharide,sodium hyaluronate,paeonia suffruticosa root extract,potassium sorbate, hydoxybenzoate [Product Efficacy]:  Each drop of essence snoothes, rejuvenates your kin and enhances your skin barriers, the product contains most effective moisturizing agent and helps to replenish the moisture of the skin and helps to moisture dry and rough skin, to rejuvenate , moisture,and nourish and lift the skin while making it firm [Skin Types]: Suitable for various skin types [Specifications]:0.5floz(15ml)


Fresh , watery and transparent texture , skin, is moisturized ,help relieve skin water and oil balance

2. CARE 

Help to develop moisturizing power and to brighten skin color,give skin moisturizing and elastic feeling


Skin is moisturized and bright ,long-time us, moisturize the skin doubly,nourish, relive and show watery skin

The skins hyaluronic acid is lost

Skin problems caused by skin watery shortage ☞Dry blasting skin ☞Rough skin ☞Skin loose

Moisturize your skin anytime and anywhere, high concentration of hyaluronic acid,effective penetration to the bottom of the skin, durable water resources,high concentration of hyaluronic acid

A Drop Holds water to bounce there is no dry and oily light

Suitable for general skin, including dry /oily,mixed dry, mixed oil,acne muscle. No age limit, the earlier use, the better effect

What is hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic add is a natural moisturizing ingredient ,known as the ideal natural moisturizing substance of skin care, help body and skin absorb water quickly, it also enhances the skin’s ability to retain water for longtime

Three molecules of hyaluronic acid compound structure promotes absorption

it can accelerate the absorption of moisture , replenish water and promote absorption,wrap up skin nutrients, and keep the water hydrated for a long time ✔Macromolecular hyaluronic acid : will not be absorbed by the skin, stay on the skin surface, forming a protection ✔Mid molecule hyaluronic acid: soften kertain, make skin soft and tender ,Small molecule hyaluronic acid ✔Small molecule hyaluronic acid: In-depth skin, promote skin nutrient absorption

Locking water : Macromolecular hyaluronic acid, store skin moisture —–stratum corneum Soft skin : mid molecule hyaluronic acid —-spnious layer Hydration :small molecule hyaluronic acid penetrate the skin to make up water —- stratumbasale the dermis Threhalose : beauty and nourish the skin, tighten and refine Hyaluroniac acid: moistureize and hydrate soften the skin Soybean Amino Acids: Hydrate and brigthen whitening and tender

Method of using Raw liquid

1. After cleaing apply appropriate amount of product in the center of the palm 2. Apply the solution evenly to your face by patting 3. Fully pat each areas of the face to help it absorb [Caution]For sensitive skin,please first test it on the inside of the arm before using it