Brand Name-Misscheering
Item Type-Scrub &amp Bodys Treatment


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It will be enough for You for the long time as they have strong waterproof adhesive 

Our patches sticks longer, and with less irritation, than any other CGM tape on the market. 

Suitable for Dexcom G6 sensor (Compatible with Dexcom G5, G4, NOT Suitable for Freestyle Libre, Enlite, Guardian 3, Omnipod) 

It has high sticky which can keep 7 days.

It is waterproof,latex-free and hypoallergenic.

The features soft and skin-friendly material.

There are many patches in a bag which are enough foryou to use.

Size:6 X 7 cm

Quantity: 10 Pcs/Bag

Package including:

1 Bag 10 Pcs Patches

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2 - WTX90415489_2019041502514656966
3 - WTX90415489_2019041502514828766
4 - WTX90415489_2019041502515315966
5 - WTX90415489_2019041502514658366
6 - WTX90415489_2019041502514663666
7 - WTX90415489_2019041502514833066
8 - WTX90415489_2019041502515249166


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