Skin Type-General
Shelf life-one year
Product effect-Improve the beard hair dry, soft and strong
Item Type-Hair Loss Product
Production License-Improve the beard hair dry


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Added natural plant essential oils, zero flavor, fresh smell and good smell.

Absorbent, evenly spread to fully absorb the beard.



It can effectively improve the dryness of the beard hairs, soft and strong.





how to use:

1. Pour a small amount of beard oil into the palm of your hand (preferably after shower)

2. Rub between the palm and the finger.

3. Apply to the beard and skin and massage.

4. Use a comb to comb the style you like.

5. Then use a pair of scissors or a comb to care for the beard.










Skin Type: General

Net content: 30ml

Shelf life: one year

Product effect: Improve the beard hair dry, soft and strong.


Suitable for all types of beards


Moisturizing facial hair and underlying skin


Use oil every day to moisturize the beard, moustache and skin without a greasy face.


Relieve itching


Condition and moisturize the beard and say goodbye to dry, itchy beards and skin as well as beard dandruff.


Easy to use

Package Included:

1*Beard oil



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