Production License-985426
Item Type-Hair Loss Product
Ingredient-Beard Care
NET WT-140g
Model Number-Beard Grooming Kit


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Bullet Points:
1、New Upgrade: We have added a high quality double-edged blade to the package to enhance the customers shopping experience. The Beard shape kit includes a shaped comb, a professional straight edge razor, a 10-piece double-edged and a stainless steel beard.
2、Double-edged Blades: Double-edged blades can meet the needs of different equipment. Using a single-edged blade is very simple. Take out the double edge and break from the middle. Easy access to 2 single-edged blades. The blades are made of high quality stainless steel and are recommended to be separated from the outer packaging when broken.
3、Beard Shape Comb: With this shape comb, you can get perfectly symmetrical beard shape, cheek line, neck line, chin line, dirt, goat and so on.
4、Professional: Stainless steel straight blade razor with ergonomic handle. The stainless steel double-edged inserts in this kit make it easier to organize your beards. The kit meets the needs of your beard.
5、Perfect Gifts and Services: This set is packaged in a black luxury gift box. This is the best gift for a friend, colleague, family member or husband.



Size(about): shape comb 14*18*0.3cm/5.51*7.09*0.12in, shaver size 12.1*2*0.7cm/4.76*0.79*0.28in
Net weight: about 103g

Beard Shape Comb * 1
Professional Straight Blade Shaver * 1
Stainless Steel Double Edged * 10

Stainless Steel Beard Scissors * 1




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