Brand Name-forever lily
Power Source-electric
Item Type-LED Photon Machine
Number of lamp beads-96
Temperature range-30C – 60C
Control time-1~30 minutes


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Foreverlily LED Phototherapy Beauty Equipment 7 Colors LED Photon Heating Therapy Facial Mask Skin Firm Spot Acne Remove Device


Item Type:LED Photon Machine




Power: 5.76-63.2W

Current: 3A

Number of lamp beads: 96

Temperature range: 30°C~60°C

Control time: 1~30 minutes



Product Include

1*Main Machine


1*Protection Goggles

1*User Manual


Light Function

1.Red(640nm):Deep repair and increase skin elasticity.

2.Blue(415nm):Remove acne and inhibit bacteria.

3.Yellow(590nm):Improves wrinkle and enhance immunity.

4.Green(532nm):Lighten spots and calming skin.

5.Purple: Improves fine lines

6.Cyan:Deep metabolism and control oil.

7.White: Seven-color light overlay

How to use

1.Clean face

2.Turn on and set the mode, time and temperature intensity

3.Apply mask, apply essence, etc. (This step can be omitted, but it is recommended to use the instrument with skin care products)

4.Bring an eye mask and enjoy light therapy

5.Tips:Use 2-3 times a week for 15-20 minutes each time.


1.Before using the instrument, the body and LED module must be checked before use.

2.The equipment needs to avoid high temperature, high humidity and direct light, so it is best to place it in a well-ventilated room.

3.Please install in a well-ventilated room that avoids direct light.

4.Please install on a flat surface.

5.Under weak impact, the instrument will also cause serious damage, so please do not lift it gently when you move it.

6.When using the product heating function, avoid touching the hot parts.


1.The time displayed means that when all functions are turned off. At the end of the time, all functions will be turned off. If only the single heating function is turned on, please pay attention to the use time.

2.Each person bears a different temperature. The heating function is turned on to achieve the specified temperature is a gradual heating process. Therefore, customers are advised to start at a lower temperature and try the temperature most suitable for them

3.Better effect if you use with the skin care product(Essence,lotion,mask…)




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UK 220-240V, US 100-110V, EU 220-240V, AU 220-240V