Production License-hair loss productzv520
Item Type-Hair Loss Product
Ingredient-Keratin Hair Building Fiber
Quantity-10000pcs keratin hair fiber
NET WT-25g hair fiber


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27.5g Top Hair Building Fibers Keratin Thicker Anti Hair Loss Products Concealer Refill Thickening Fiber Hair Powders Growth


Product Information

Product Brand:Sevich Product Name: Hair Building Fiber 25g Quality guarantee period: 3 years Effect: Top hair building fibers will assist you to build a natural fuller head of hair in seconds. Usage method: Suitable for wonmen and Men.

Make sure your hair is dry Shake bottles over thining area. You may adjust the amount of fibers on hair. Gently pat hair to disperse fibers. Apply top holder spray to secure the fibers will be better



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China, United States, Russian Federation


Black 25g, Dark brown 25g, Med brown 25g, It brown 25g, Blonde 25g, Med blonde 25g, Iight blonde 25g, Grey 25g, White 25g, Auburn, Applicator, Comb