Type-Foot Mask
NET WT-38g
Ingredient-Milk, bamboo, vinegar

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Description: Item Type: Foot Mask Material: Milk, bamboo, vinegar Quantity: 1 Pair/Pack foot mask Weight: About 38g Package Included: 1 X Pair Foot Masks Usage: 1.After cleaning and drying the feet,take out the foot mask from the packet NOTE: Before using ,please soak feet with warm for 10 minutes 2.Put on the foot mask and cling film, and wrap the cling film around the mask to get the feet as close as possible to the mask. 3.About 40min- 60min later, remove the foot mask and rinse out before wiping out with a dry towel 4.After foot cleaning, apply some foot lotion to keep the feet moist and smooth 5.About 1-2weeks later,hard dead skin will come off, while your skin on your feet will be nice and soft. Expectations: After removing the masks and the next day your feet become white and wrinkled The following days, your feet may become very dry. People who respond fast will see their feet peeling, others may see their skin cracking, some may not see these reactions. Depending on how you react to the masks, you may need 2-3 pairs to achieve the desired results. Cautions: If there are wounds, swelling, itching, inflammation or other abnormalities on foot, please stop using it In case of allergy or sensitive skin, please do not use it