Type-Foot Patch
Size-12 X 10 cm
Item Type-Foot Care Tool
Model Number-Detox Foot Patch


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1. Detoxify and beauty body, promoting metabolism and enhancing immune function;
2. Promote sleeping, relieve fatigue, improve constipation,halitosis and abdominal distension, body shaping;
3. Remove impurities in the body, purify blood, improve color spots, acne, body odor and foot odor;
4. Remove the moisture in the body, and reduce the pressure in the sole or joint.
5. Activate cells to restore healthy  bright skin and delay aging;
6. Balance the function of human organs, blood fat, blood pressure and blood sugar will gradually return to normal.

Material: Paper
Medicine bag :6 X 8cm/2.36 X 3.15″
Adhesives paste:12 X 10cm/4.72 X 3.94″
Storage method: sealed, put in a cool and dry place
Quantity: 10pcs/set,5pcs/set
Style: White paper,gold foil

Applicable people:
1. Beauty people;
2. Constipation, bad breath, body odor and foot odor.
3. Sub-health status group.
4. Computer workers and long exposure to radiation people group;
5. Standing and walking for a long time;
6. Neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain and swelling;
7. Feet and legs are tired.

1. First, clean the skin surface.
2. Put the printed side of the detoxification essence bag in the center of the patch.
3. Attached the side with air holes to the skin.
4. Put the detox on the bottom of the foot.After 8 hours or the next morning when you get up, wipe it off with a paper towel or clean your skin with water. (Fixed breathable patch will be not painful when torn)

1. For external use only, the part of skin allergies, wounds, eczema, and spots are not used.
2. If the skin feels unwell, please stop using it and use it after recovery.
3. Please use it as soon as possible after opening, and store it in dry and untouchable places.
4. In the early usage, the plant essence powder will solidify and turn black gray, and the oily secretions appearing in the body are toxins in the body, which is normal. As the times of usage increases, the toxin in the body decreases, and the color of the patch and oily secretions also become lighter and less. If there is no toxin in the body, the patch will not change color.
5. This product can regulate the physiological function of women, so women can safely use it in the menstrual period.
6. The individuals physical condition is different, and the reaction and progress and dosage will vary with each individual.

1. Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you
2. Please allow 1-3cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement. 

10pcs X Medicine Bags + 10pcs X Adhesives Pastes/5pcs X Medicine Bags + 5pcs X Adhesives Pastes






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