Manufacturing Process-Hand Made
Brand Name-Stookits
Model Number-MR1696
Material-Medical Grade Silicone
Application- Face


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Product Name: Face Care Silicone massage cupping cup
Material: 100% Silicone

Size:    Facial cup: 3.8cm x 8cm

           Eye cup: 1.5cm x 5cm

5 Colors: Pink, transparent, blue, purple, green(Random color)
Packing: OPP bag/PE bag



By squeezing the silicon cup, you expel some of the air inside. Upon loosening your grip on the cup, a powerful vacuum is cre­ated as the cup tries to draw the missing air back in. When placed against the skin, the suction draws the flesh upwards, re­sulting in a negative pressure massage. Cups can be moved across wet skin, or simply left on the skin surface.



First, the suction tank method
1. Press the suction tank method: stick the canned tank mouth to the treatment site, press the tank handle with your fingers or palms, and let the air in the tank drain out. Then let the hand shape and negative pressure, you can suck it up and press repeatedly 2-3 To adjust the suction.
2, flip the suction tank method: the tank can be turned in the direction of the tank handle, and then the bottom of the tank is attached to the treatment site, and then the inverted shape is restored, it can be sucked up, this method is stronger than the suction tank method. .
Second, the canning method
1. Direct canning method: Grab the handle of the hand and directly lift the canister out of the skin. This method is suitable for the case where the subject has no skin lesions, good skin tolerance, and low adsorption force, and is often used in a flash tank.
2, side cans method: press the can handle does not move, slowly uncover from the side of the can. This method is suitable for people with poor skin or skin tolerance, such as the elderly, children, etc., often used when leaving the tank.
Third, the usual cans for cupping therapy
1. Flash tank: Immediately after the jar is adsorbed to the treatment site, it is lifted up and down repeatedly until the skin is flushed.
2. Retaining the cans: After cupping, leave a certain amount of time, usually for 10-20 minutes. The length of time should be based on the degree of tolerance and condition of the subject.
3, push cans (also known as walking cans): generally used in areas with large areas, muscles, such as the back, abdomen, thighs, etc., first apply some lubricant in the site, after the canister is sucked, Hold the can handle and slowly push it to move it up and down or up and down on the skin surface several times until the skin is flushed.
4. Lifting the can: After sucking the can, grasp the can body, lift the skin, lift the skin to the degree of the can, and then relax and restore the original shape, so that it can be pulled back and forth repeatedly to the skin repeatedly, gently and evenly. Until there is blood stasis.


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