Function-Skin Rejuvenation
Function-Vibration Massage
Function-Skin Mouisture
Function-Galvanic Ion /-
Function-Skin Tightening
Standard Voltage-110Vuff08u4e0du542buff09-220Vuff08u4e0du542buff09
Power Source-Dry Battery


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Digital Facial Skin Analyzer Moisture Oil Softness Detection Monitor 


1. Three in one multifunctional tester, it will automatically detect your skin moisture, oil and softness conditions and show the results immediately on the screen.

2. Memory function can support the latest 5 sets of testing recordings, convenient to compare and know about your skin status, simple button control for energy saving operation experience.

3. Backlight LCD display with percentage numbers indication, clear and direct to check even in dim or dark environment.

4. Sensitive probe in high quality material, anti-allergic and skin friendly for application safety, come with protection lid to protect from dust and scratch, clean and durable.

5. Compact size and portable design enables palm fit and carry ease, practical to put it in your pocket or bag and take with anytime and anywhere for instant enjoyment.

6. Ergonomic body shape and delicate workmanship can deliver secure and comfortable grips, smooth edges won’t hurt your hands.

7. Affordable personal skin analyzer with high precision preference for daily skin care, ready to learn about the water and oil balance or skin elasticity of skin, effectively helps you keep your skin stay healthy.


Function: Detect Hydration Content, Oil Content, Elasticity of Skin

Material: ABS

Shell Color: Red

Backlight Color: White

Power Supply: 3* AG13 Battery(Batteries are NOT Included)

Size: 31.3*19.6*80.6mm            

Package Included:

Choice A : 1* Skin Tester(Batteries are NOT Included) + 1 * Skin Anti Aging Machine(Batteries are NOT Included)

Choice B: 1* Skin Tester(Batteries are NOT Included)

Choice C: 1 * Skin Anti Aging Machine(Batteries are NOT Included)


Skin Anti Aging Machine Skin Care Massage Ultrasound Ion Face Beauty Device Face Lift Tool 


This skin beauty massager adopts ion leading in/out and vibration massage ways to promote skin absorption to nutrition, deeply penetrate moist, remove wrinkle and make skin white and tender. Meanwhile, it has the effect of skin tightening, face lifting and anti aging.


1. Ultrasonic negative ion lead in function can make the nutrition and moist penetrate into the deep skin for effective absorption and moist replenishment.

2.Positive ion lead out function for expelling dirt, grease and toxion to deep clean skin and pores.

3.High frequency vibration massage to shrink pores, tighten loose skin, increase skin elasticity.

4.Healthy beauty probe, smooth and comfortable to facial skin.

5.One key operation, power on/off, negative ion and positive ion.

6.Compact body, easy to carry.

7.Used together with the beauty essence to the skin deeply, promote collagen regeneration and blood circulation, improve fine lines and wrinkles.

8.Fast and obvious effect, time saving and energy saving.

9.A good and effective device for skin firming, wrinkle removal, skin tightening, face lifting and anti aging 




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