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Standard Voltage-220V
Power Source-Rechargeable Battery


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The Blu-ray Acne Beauty Instrument is a portable thermal spectrum micro-electric instrument for the face. Using a specific 415NM Blu-ray in visible light to kill bacteria in the skin and pores, plus 40 degrees of stable heat and BIO biological micro-current, reduce the oil in acne, thus accelerating the natural fading of acne. The scope of adaptation is mainly the area of acne and acne covering the face.

How to use

1. Press and hold the button for 3 seconds to turn it on. After the power is turned on, the indicator will light up and wait for about 10 seconds (there will be a slight difference depending on the ambient temperature). The machine horn reminds you to finish the warm-up.

2. Clean the skin, apply a serum that is suitable for the skin, or apply it to the face with a mask.
3. Open the top cover, push the switch, the work indicator light is on, prompting the start of the treatment, the blue light probe emits pure blue light, the head will be slightly heated, and after 1 minute, the temperature is maintained at 42 degrees.
4. Hold the conductive metal strip with the hand, and the blue light probe simultaneously outputs BI0 micro current of +-5V. Please apply the blue light probe to the part that needs treatment. While operating the light, follow the operation diagram. The operation method is internal and external, and moves slowly from bottom to top along the direction of muscle and lymph.

5. After using it, press and hold the button for 3 seconds to shut down, then disinfect with clean cotton, water or alcohol, and cover the protective cover.

6. Massage once every 8-12 hours for 2-3 days.


Dont Use Blu-ray Irradiate Eye,It will hurt the Eyes. 




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