Power Source-None Electric
Manufacturing Process-Hand Made
Size- 40 pounds
Model Number-0918


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1PCS jawLine exerciser can be your facial toner facial toner anti-wrinkle facial muscles

Fitness ball and facial toner
Facial exercise products help strengthen and tone your facial muscles.
Get a clearer face and give your youthful appearance a new look.
It only takes 10 minutes a day to see the difference.
After enough training, rest and nutrients, your facial muscles will grow like other muscles
1. Boil, when the product is boiled, the whole product should be placed in boiling water.
Leave it for 15-25 seconds. Then rinse the product with hot water.
2. Adjust the teeth after boiling the product for 10-15 seconds and rinsing the hot water,
Place the product on your teeth, and then gently press down on the white bite strips to make them shape most comfortable.
3. Exercise then you are good Please follow our recommended exercise regimen to get the best results and reduce the risk of injury.
4. Before starting the measurement results, we recommend that you take a picture of yourself with clear lightning.
Then after 4-8 weeks of frequent exercise, take a new photo to see if you have made some progress.

1.Material: Rubber
2.Strength: 40 pounds

3.Color: blue, black, red, rose red

4.Size: 3×3×2.5cm / 1.18×1.18×0.98’
5.The package contains:

1 × training ball
















































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Red, Blue, Black, Pink

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