Type-Foot Patch
Item Type-Foot Care Tool
Model Number-J1
Material-Medical non-woven fabric

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Features: The principle of the corns is deep penetration. It can stick to the hyperplasia tissue on the skin for a long time, and can go deep into the skin muscle base to remove the hyperplasia tissue effectively. This product is easy to operate, with little pain and good effect. It can effectively resist deep bacteria and disinfectant stimulation while softening. When skin is in normal condition, it will not stimulate regeneration. Specifications: Size: approx 7*2cm Material: medical non-woven fabric Usage: 1. External use only for adults over 16 years old. 2. Before the use will affected area soaks 10 minutes with the hot water, Wipe dry. 3. after unpacking the product, put the red part of the product on the corns. 4. One plaster for 24 hours. Packing include: 12pcs



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