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100% Brand New and high Quality.

Sizes:A4 size10pcs, each 4 layers.

Color:as picture show

Easy and convenient to use.

Used for transferring the tattoo design from the paper to the skin.

Suitable for making stencils by hand.

Used by tattooists Worldwide.

Professional for both beginners and tattoo body artists.

Sheets of Tattoo Tracing Paper

Package include:25/50 x tattoo stencil transfer paper

Design your own temporary tattoos that are safe for use on skin

Print any design using your inkjet printer and apply in a matter of minutes

Will last for days, to remove early just scrub with hot soapy water

Not just for skin – decal plastics, soaps, wax and even sealed wood

Tattoo yourself with no pain and the added bonus of being able to scrub it off with hot soapy water. These decal papers enable you to use your inkjet printer to print tattoos that look just like the real thing They take minutes to make and, if left un-scrubbed, will last for days. Brilliant for kids and teenagers who want to experiment, or for trying out a design before having it tattooed for real.

Tattoo papers arent just for skin, and can be used to create dramatic decal effects on other surfaces such as plastics, soap, wax and sealed wood
Our tattoo paper is made up of two sheets: a printable sheet and an adhesive film. The process is quick and easy.


This Stencil Transfer Paper needs to be used with transfer cream or transfer gel 

Pakage content:

10 X Tattoo Transfer Paper 

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